Tearoom Rashmi


Opening of a photography exhibition by a photographer Šimon Horák from Český Těšín.

Music and documentary photography + photos from a cycle “Walks around”


Live dragon and snow leopard

In front of the tearoom Rashmi you can see a live dragon or a snow leopard walking on two. Would you like to caress a fox in camo trousers or maybe take a selfie with a big teddy bear? Nothing is a problem in the world of furry – people that love animals so much that they had costumes made and now they impersonate them.


Opening of an exhibition “In Colours of the Midnight Sun”

Behind this mysterious name a collection of paintings, in which the heart and fantasy of a painter Ryiah, is hidden. Her works prove that inspiration can be found in ordinary things of everyday life and she has been doing this for eleven years. The paintings will be placed in the front part of the tearoom.


Author reading by a poet Bari Kin

Meditative lyrical poetry about beauty, preciousness, and transience of beings and things. The poems were created during the last five years and they were inspired by actual life situations. Booking ahead is obligatory.


Art workshop for children

Under kind guidance of a tea fairy Jasmine each child will make their own framed picture, bookmark or something else and take it home. We will be making pictures using a simple technique – printing using a PET bottle.


Reading fairy tales for younger kids

Non-traditional tales of tea fairies from the world of tearooms will be read hourly.


Performance of theatre improvisation troupe All Imp from Ostrava

Ostrava troupe of theatre improvisation has been with us for two years. All Imp came out of graduates of the Centre for New Thinking and Creating – Improacademy. Theatrical form for which you, the audience, choose the topics. Lightness, extraordinariness, humour, verses, songs… and the goal? You leaving with a smile on your face. Booking ahead is obligatory. Facebook: All Imp, https://improacademy.cz/


Recital of a young songwriter from Ostrava, Kristýna Lištiaková

Ostrava singer writing in various languages. She puts a bit of herself into her songs, her thoughts, feelings, and joys of life. Kristýna has performed individually since 2012. She also appeared during open mic project “On the stage”, which is regularly held in Rashmi. Since about summer of 2014 she has also been working with a drummer and percussionist, Jirka Horák. Booking ahead is obligatory.


Pavlína Nováčková and Petr Jan Vinš

Literary reading of captivating and magical short stories by a Jewish writer Leopold Kompert featuring an excerpt from his novelette “Hauzirnik”. All the German texts have been translated by Petr Jan Vinš. Literature work of an usual author, whose novelettes and short stories bear the feelings of downfall and fear that were omniscient in poor people’s lives, might leave some of the guests pondering about the meaning of life. Booking ahead is obligatory.


Opening of a photography exhibition by a photographer Šimon Horák from Český Těšín.

Music and documentary photography + photos from a cycle “Walks around”

During breaks there will be a special museum selection of drinks and refreshments to sit in or take-away. See examples of artists’ work on our Facebook profile – čajovna Rashmi.

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Čajovna RASHMI
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