The Magical House of Luxembourg, Czech Kings and Rulers of the Holy Roman Empire


Free entry to the exhibition

The exposition The Magical House of Luxembourg with a subtitle Czech Kings and Rulers of the Holy Roman Empire is one of the first of exhibition projects to the upcoming anniversary of 700 years from Charles IV. birth. He was the most important representative of the House of Luxembourg on the Czech throne.

The aim of the exhibition for whole families is to give the audience an idea of this House in the Czech lands, to emphasize the most important milestones of their rule and to describe not only the individuals of the House but also some other famous personalities of the era that had left their traces in our history.

The exhibition takes place in the evening prior to the round anniversary of Karlovy Vary and its protagonists are all Luxembourgs ruling in the Czech area (John the Blind, Charles IV., Wenceslaus IV. and Sigismund), not leaving out the Moravian branch (Jobst of Moravia). Special attention is given to the Czech and Roman king Wenceslaus IV. Not long ago we reminded ourselves two of his anniversaries: in 2013 it was 650 years since his Czech coronation and in 2014 it was 595 years from his death.

For the first time in Ostrava in a form of high quality facsimile the famous library of Wenceslaus IV is presented or rather what has been preserved from it. The guests have the opportunity to take a peek into unique, richly illuminated Wenceslaus’ Bible or the most luxurious copy of the Roman Empire’s code Golden Bull of Sicily of Charles IV. or parts of his astronomical codices. Apart from the beautiful manuscripts there are presented e.g. the oldest preserved written document for Ostrava from the city’s archives (issued by Charles IV. on 17th May 1362), a facsimile of the famous Ambras painting sampler, models of the important buildings of the epoch or replicas of some machines from the authorial exemplar of Bellifortis by Konrad Kyeser. Without a doubt the largest and also unique piece is a functional medieval crane, which has been presented also in the Prague Castle.

The exposition in the Science and Technology Centre in the area of Dolní Vítkovice will run until 17th September 2015.


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Svět techniky, Dolní Vítkovice,
Vítkovická 3004,
703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice



  • Bible of Wenceslaus IV. (Photo Facsimile ADEVA).
  • Golden Bull, opening leaf (Photo Facsimile ADEVA).
  • Medieval crane in the Bible of Wenceslaus IV. (Photo Facsimile ADEVA).
  • Ambras painting sampler (Photo by Peter Kováč).