Club Atlantik


Don’t worry, be Scottish (Hall)

Looking back on the Month of Author Reading 2014 before this year’s MAR. Sixteen Czech and Slovak film directors of famous names have made 16 8-minutes’ author movies about 16 Scottish authors that participated during the last year’s Month of Author Reading in the Club Atlantik, which is the largest literature festival in the middle Europe.

The host of the evening: Lukáš Balabán

Directed by: Kirchhoff, Sedláček, Pitínský, Jelok, Prikler, Čakanyová, Jurda, Cmíral, Bystřičan, Kvapil, Rychlík, Willis – Sweet, Řehořík, Františák, Zykmund, Goebl. Production: Větrné mlýny, Czech Television


Museum BBQ with a kids’ corner (Café + garden)

Evening grill-party in the garden of the Club Atlantik. You are invited to bring your own goodies that you can add to the grill. A selection of delicacies, special dainties of Ostrava Museum Night and ice-cold beer. Children’s artistic corner will be available for the whole time.




Center for culture and education Moravian Ostrava,
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Club Atlantik

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