Czech Radio Ostrava


Tour of Czech Radio Ostrava

Visit a regional station of public Czech radio with its seat in Ostrava at street Dr. Šmerala 2. There will be a tour of the music Studio 1, in which many legendary records were born such as those by Věra Špinarová, Marie Rottrová, Hana Zagorová, Pavel Novák, Jaroslav Wykrent accompanied by Ostrava Radio Orchestra but also songs by Karel Kryl, band Buty or Kryštof.

You might also want to visit the broadcasting station and learn something about the radio technology.

Music Studio 1 will have an exhibition of radio technology and music surprise waiting for you! You can also participate in a facebook photography competition – take a photo with us and a radio mic. We’ll be happy to publish your photo on our facebook page (, from which you can download it into your home archive and then print it too. The most successful photo with the highest count of likes, i.e. “Like this” gets a present from us.


Exclusive tour of the studios

Special tours begin hourly. The last tour starts at 22.00. Booking ahead is obligatory.

Czech Radio Ostrava will modify its afternoon and evening programme on 13th June and will bring you the best bits of Ostrava Museum Night. You can find us on these frequencies: Region 99.0 FM, Těšínsko 105.3 FM, Opavsko 102.6 FM a Bruntálsko 95.5 FM.

Visit our Ostrava Museum Night and listen to the interesting stuff from the event from our field presenters on frequency 107.3 FM in Ostrava.



Český rozhlas Ostrava
Dr. Šmerala 2, Ostrava

Phone number:  596 203 111