Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26

Center for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organization

Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26, which is run by the Centre for Culture and Education Moravian Ostrava, contributory organization of the City District Moravian Ostrava and Přívoz, started its activities in 1993. As its name suggests it is located on avenue Sokolská 26 on the first floor of a historic villa. Its dramaturgy presents significant and indisputable art personalities that create and uphold the concept of the contemporary Czech art scene. Not only works by many leading Czech and foreign artists are presented there but also group exhibitions of mostly young artists from different regions are organised here. The curator of the exhibitions is Ing. Milan Weber.


Free entry to expositions


Face painting (Exhibition Hall)

Let’s paint ourselves and go to the carnival..


Painted fairy tale carnival (Club Parník)

Big fairy tale show for children with a clown Hopsalín and an illustrator of children books Adolf Dudek.


Playing artists (Exhibition Hall)

Painting for kids with our entertainment team.


Fiddler on the Roof

(Club Parník)

Songs from the famous musical sung by performers of Pop Academy.

Current exhibitions:


Pavel Šmíd, an Ostrava region born painter, has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (1997) as a student of painting school of Jiří Sopek. Ironical social critique is typical for his works. He usually uses photographic models that are related to our history and is interested in manipulation with people and their world in the name of ideologies, when a person is just a victim of history.



Exhibition Hall Sokolská 26
Sokolská třída 26
702 00 Ostrava
Phone number: 596 138 937