Coal Mine Michal


Exhibition tour

Aleš Havlásek will present his photographies in industrial theme and comment his experiences from taking photos in Ostrava slang. During “Literary Shower” the entry will be limited to visitors of this programme only, i.e. 19.00–21.00.


“Literary Shower”

A regular meeting of literary enthusiasts, hosted by Jan Nemček, who will guide you through the programme and introduce his guests. “Literary Shower” will have added richness with a hint of Ostrava Museum Night this time.


Preservation and restoration workshops – education programme

Under the tutelage of a restorer you will get to know not only terms connected to preservation and restoration in authentic places of the Coal Mine Michal but you will also learn how to gently restore some of your old metal objects at home for instance. The programme is focused on adults and families with children. Booking ahead is obligatory.


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Coal Mine Michal
ČSA 95/413
715 00 Ostrava-Michálkovice
Phone number: 724 664 010