Old arena

Stará aréna is a contemporary space for creativity with the facilities of a café and a theatre hall. It was founded during Ostrava’s running for the European Capital City of Culture of 2015. In the past there was the Theatre of Music and after it the Theatre Arena


Free visits to the café Stará Aréna


Continuous commented tours in the vicinities of Stará aréna

Tours in half-hour intervals. Voluntary admission.



A night full of improvised sketches and wild humour. A team of actors perform according to the tasks in individual improvisation disciplines. Their rules and settings are not known to the actors however, so they have to react spontaneously. The assignments very often come from the requirements of the audience, so you can also decide what they are playing about. Everything is very quick and you can get a big portion of gags that is sure to make you laugh in a short time. Let yourself be dragged into a hurricane of crazy humour. Admission 60 CZK in advance, 80 CZK at place. The phone no. for booking and more info: 777 420 152. The capacity is 50-70 places.



Stará aréna, 28. října 23, Ostrava
Phone number: 777 420 152