PLATO – Platform (for the contemporary art) Ostrava

The Gallery of Ostrava

PLATO is a way to meet the contemporary art in various forms and places. PLATO represents works of contemporary Czech and foreign artists and in its supporting programme Parallel Mission it sets the contemporary art into a broader context of contemporary culture in a widened field of other artistic genres such as literature, music, theatre, and dance. It also offers educational programmes for schools and teachers and programmes for families with children.

I don’t give a bubble about it


Master bubble-maker Ondřej Holba

Giant bubbles, bubble tennis and a bubble fly-fap.


Bubble workshops

Making bubbles traditionally and non-traditionally, painting with bubbles, making an original blower, or using bubble foil as a painting canvas.


Blowing bubbles from the Gong’s balcony

Trying to break a record with the highest number of bubbles in the objects of ex-gas containers.

Art group Record


 Remember Remembrances

The group Record will most probably refresh you by unusual cocktails, drive you around in a luxurious confessional and will generally do anything to mess up the weather. One thing is for sure – You are not going to leave empty-handed. Group Record: Petr Pavlán, Martin Egert, Milan Kutina.

Guided tours to the current exhibitions


 Stano Filko: 5.D. (Gallery Gong)


 Exhibition (Vestibule of Gong)



PLATO – Platform (for the contemporary art) Ostrava, The Gallery of Ostrava
Multifunctional auditorium Gong, The Lower Area of Vítkovice, Ruská 2993, Ostrava-Vítkovice

Phone number: 702 093 950, 595 953 211